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Dr Sharon Williams

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I am passionate about aiding patients healing, from what may be considered common but often quiet debilitating conditions such as impacted wax, hearing loss & tinnitus, allergies & sinusitis to name a few, to more complex problems such as vertigo, nasal polyposis & burning tongue. My interests are broad, covering all areas of the Ears, Nose & Throat including the Voice, the whole person & the inter-relationship between the two.

I hold the doctor-patient relationship in high esteem, & see my role as not only a healer but also an educator.

I enjoy learning & so endeavour to remain up-to-date on a wide range of medical topics. I believe we all should expect & work towards wellbeing & not accept that blocked nose & dry mouth that we have just got used to. I see the practice of “medicine” as both a science and an art.

I take the Latin meaning of the word doctor derived from the Latin word “docere” meaning “to teach” as the cornerstone of my practice. It is important for me to empower patients by helping them understand their body, mainly as it relates to my speciality the ear and nose and throat. When one understands, it is easier to make informed decisions, easier to know when to seek professional advice and easier to prevent disease or recurrence of the disease.

As medical doctors, we are often referred to as physicians and surgeons. ENT as a speciality, encompasses both medical and surgical treatment of conditions. The word physician is derived from the Greek word “physis” or “physikos” meaning nature and yes, in ancient times and until the advent of modern medicine, medicines were derived from natural substances. In our modern era we now have medications that are synthetically developed. Both natural medicines & approaches and modern medicines have their role in contributing to the treatment and well-being of the patient.

Surgery, as a treatment modality, also has its role to play in the treatment of the patient. There are conditions like a septal deviation with nasal obstruction, cholesteotoma, a middle ear condition, to name a few, where surgery is the definitive treatment. Then there are other conditions where surgery is required after failed medical treatment.

I feel it is important to have a “basket of treatment modalities” from which to choose the most appropriate treatment options.


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